Blue Crab Software has deep roots in custom software going back 40 years. This experience shapes everything we do, whether custom software, websites, or executive studies. We create exactly what our clients want.

The custom software development process starts with an initial meeting to understand the general scope of the project. Our typical client is a small- to mid-size business with a need to automate a business process that can’t be met with off-the-shelf software. We provide the missing functionality to make the organization run smoothly, whether it’s a commercial company, a not-for-profit, or a government agency.

Once we understand the overall scope we provide an estimate of the effort and confirm that the project still meets the budget. We can then write software for a firm, fixed price because all the requirements are known.  Typically we begin by estimating the total work after our initial meeting, and then we perform Phase One, the analysis and design phase, on a time and materials basis. We deliver a Requirements Document that specifies what needs to be done, and we typically deliver a data model that shows the relationship of the data. At the end of Phase One, everyone understands exactly what software needs to be developed, and we can undertake Phase Two on a firm, fixed price basis. Our clients know up front what the costs will be.

After we create the actual system, our clients perform more system testing, ensuring that we delivered everything in the Requirements. Then they begin enjoying the operational efficiency and the cost savings from having a fully customized solution for their organization.

And yes, we can engage with clients in other ways. Agile programming is very popular today. While overused for most business solutions, it’s the perfect way to engage when the end result is not known up front. We build the system piece by piece and our clients test each piece as it’s done.

Best of all, we will be a long term partner and available to modify the system as needs change over the years.  Please give us a call to discuss how we might help your organization with custom software.

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