By far, the greatest number of clients we have are website clients. That’s partially because every organization needs a website, but primarily because we create websites that work and look the way our clients want them to look. We don’t have a “style” for all the websites we do; we create them in a way appropriate for each client. That’s what our heritage in creating custom software means–we do it your way, not our way.

The process is simple, just the following three steps.  We can have your new website up and running in about two weeks!

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    First you need a domain name, like, or even one of the new domains like This is your unique name and no one else can have it. You can register your domain with us and we'll make suggestions for names that will work if you don't already own a domain.


    Second, you need a website designed for you. We work with your logo, colors, and style preferences, and create a website that reflects your values and image. If you don't have an up-to-date logo, our designers can create one for you. We start with your text and high quality images, and we provide services like text and image editing, and stock photo selection if you need it. Website design changes over time, like fashion in clothing and home design, but websites also change as technology evolves. Today it's critical that your website work properly on not only computers, but also on tablets and phones. All our websites use "responsive design", which means that the pages change format to best meet the size of the device on which they're displayed. This is also important to support your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings, so your prospective clients can find you on the Internet.


    Third, the website needs to be hosted at a professional site that is staffed 24/7. We take care of that as well, thus providing you with one vendor for all your website needs, at a price affordable for even small businesses.

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You need a modern website for today’s world.  Call us or use the Contact form below or on the menu.  We guarantee a professional, responsive, and affordable website for your organization in about two weeks!

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