Blue Crab Software is a boutique firm, and we’ve been in business a long time.  We do custom software, web sites, and CIO analyses, but we only work with a limited number of clients.  It’s not because we’re unfriendly or stuck up, it’s because we need to make sure we’re an excellent match for each client we engage with.  If we can’t both succeed, there’s no point in wasting your time or ours.

So, the initial consultation–free, of course–is very important.  Whether we do this in person in your office in the Washington, DC area, or over the phone for our clients out of the area, it’s important that we understand your needs and determine how Blue Crab Software can help you.

For example, if you think you might need custom software, we can explain the difference between commercial off the shelf software and custom software.  If you need a website, we can determine whether we’re a good match for what you need.  If you are a CEO and would like an Information Technology Assessment to determine whether your CIO is operating your IT department in a professional manner, or if your CIO needs help, we need to make sure our technical background matches yours.

In our initial meeting, once we understand your needs we can go over the likely amount of effort and cost, so you can determine whether an engagement will meet your budget, and we can discuss approximate schedules as well.  Because we have projects in all stages of development, we can usually meet your schedule, but that’s part of our initial discussion.

We really enjoy what we do, and would like to hear about your project.  If you filled out the Google form or our contact form, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.  Thanks for reaching out, we look forward to meeting with you!

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